The cat and raccoon.


Raccon is grey-brown animal with long, furry tail ringed halloween bounce house with black, a sharp, pointed face and as big as a medium sized dog. It is terrestrial, arboreal (climbing trees), aquatic (like bathing and wash food), omnivorous (eat plants and meat) and noctural (prefer night life).
Racoon is very friendly animal and often become friend with cat. The owner have to remember the raccon is wild animal and communication with raccon may carry danger to your cat and you.
The biggest danger is rabies. The rabies is an acute, viral encephalomyelitis that affect all warm- blooded animals and human. In North America, skunk, raccon and fox can transmitt the virus by bite (saliva), rarely, transmission occurs through cuts or wound or even by air.
The rabid raccon is characterized by its loss of fear of man, aggression, loss control of coordination and has an activity during a day, being predominantly a noctural animal
The rabies is almoust 100% fatal disease, if the cat is not vaccinated against it.
Cat has to be vaccinated every 1 or 3 years (according to vaccine manufacturer’s recomendations). If man was bitten by raccon, the case should be reported to doctor immediatly to start immunization and management programs.
If raccon is living under you house, call company to remove it.
The ultrasonic motion sensors might help to keep racoons away from your house and backyard.


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