Nothing cost so little and means so much like attention to each other


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As Christmas time is approaching it is also time to think about safety of your cat around the Christmas tree. Wires, cotton balls, small or/and fragile items can be harmful for the cat. You could not imaging how many kilometers of tinsel icicles were extracted from cat’s digestive tracts during and after the Christmas season.

To remove twisted strands of tinsel doctor needs to cut intestine in few places. This is costly for owner and dangerous surgery for the cat. But if you see the cat is chewing the Avengers Bounce House Slide tinsel and than it is not eating and even drinking of water induces vomiting, do not wait, every second counts, seek immediate attention of veterinarian. The blockade of digestive tract is very serious emergency.



Clothes for cat.

The cat’s clothes is funny for owner and this is good. The owner spend more time with cat and cat likes it.

If clothes is used for a long time, especially if it is warm or hot environment, the cat starts to shed more hair. Also some dermatology problems can develop.

The older and hairless cats like to carry own Princess Bounce House With Slide blanket on the arms because they like warmer environment.

REMEMBER! When cat ware warm clothes it will become more sensitive to the cold!

Check FASHION SECTION to view cat cloth. If you like it you can order custom made cloth for your cat through comment box.



Motion detectors, help cats to find their way around.
Indicators of cat’s mood, when relaxed the cat is not angry or frustrated.
Size of cats
Largest cat is tigers. Can weight up to 800 pounds.
The Ragdoll (cat breed) can weight up to 20 pounds, this is largest cat breed.
The Singapura weights about 5 pounds, this is smallest cat breed.
“Fingerprints” of cats.
The noses of domestic and wild felines are unique like fingerprints in human.
Cats have 230 bones
Human have 206 bones
On average, cats sleep 16 hours a day.
Senses of cats.
Kittens are born deaf. Their hearing develops in few weeks.
The cat is taking a picture with its nose. Even a newborn kitten, blind and deaf, is able to sniff the nipple it chose last time, or mother nest. The mucous membrane of cat’s nose contains more than 200 million sensitive cells. Cat has a special Jacobson’s organ in Mickey Mouse Bounce House Slide the roof of the mouth (It is a tube with opening behind the front teeth), which sends the scent information to the brain and trigger cat’s reaction. Cats speak with each other by leaving their scent marks and when they meet face by face. The facial expression to smell (mouth open, the nose wrinkled and lips drawn back) is called the Flehmen reaction. The sense of smell in cats about 30 times stronger than human sense.
A cat’s night vision is much better than a human’s night vision. But cat can not see in complete darkness. Cat needs only 1/6 of light we need to see. Why she is so good night hunter. Cats are not entirely color-blind, but their abilities to detect colors are very limited. Cat could not see directly under nose.
Cats use whiskers, paws, face and nose to touch and examine the objects around and each other. They use noses to test temperature of food and use the paw to touch a prey or unusual objects.
The cat’s tail is mood indicator. Unless cat is asleep, it tail is always moving. It bristle up and expand during a fight, twitch when cat is irritated or wave from side to side when cat is threatened or very angry. The tail is also organ of balance for cat.
Cat’s tongue is covered by numerous papillae with backward position. When cat is leaking hand it feels as the touch of sandpaper to skin. But cat’s tongue is perfect instrument for grooming and grasping food. Cat’s tongue has two rows of taste buds, that help cat not only recognize smallest changes in food’s flavor but also detect the shape of food piece.
A cat can give birth up to 100 kittens in lifetime. Litters may contain 1-8 kittens and may occur 2-3 times a year.




Cat (Felis catus, member of family Felidae) is small carnivore, very popular as a household pet.

The cat has retractile claws, keen hearing and smell; remarkable night vision; and a compact, muscular,and highly supple body.
The cat is more independent than the dog, possesses an excellent memory, and exhibits considerable aptitude for learning by observation and experience.

Affectionate but reserved, the cats homing instinct is proverbial, as its cleanliness.
The lifeĀ  span of the cat is about 15 years.
The gestation period is about 63 days.
The litter size Princess Moon Bounce averages from two to five offspring.
Kittens begin to be weaned about 8 weeks after birth.
Cat normal temperature is 38-39.5′C
Cat normal pulse rate is 130-140/min for young and 100-120/min for adult
Cat normal respiration is 20-30/min

Cat blood group: A-B (2)
Cat oestral cycle: 16 days interval, 5-6 days duration, ovulation induced 20-74 hours after coitus, seasonal.
The cat marks its territory and familiar objects by rubbing. The side of cat face contains a scent glands.
Cat can hear the high-frequency sounds /up to 60 000 hz/ that humans are deaf to. Humans hear from 20 to 20 000 hz.

Cat are able to move the ear flaps with muscles and focus on the source of sound
The ear flaps of the cat are excellent indicators of mood and feature actions

Cats has an excellent night vision. Cats are highly perceptive of slightest movement. Cat also is “nailing” any sudden and fast movements.
Cats like soft, gentle touch or brush.
The cat has “language” of smell that human does not have. They leave odor messages to other animals and read smell letters left by others. Those communications is not yet understood. For example, a cat can “smell a fear” of owner and avoid him, that believed can be of owner lack of confidence.