Curious cats

The glass is too narrow for cat’s face. She solved this problem easily. She is placing the paw into food, grasping it, taking the paw out and eating.


Intelligence is the ability to learn, solve the problems, adaptability to environment and new situations, communications.

It is difficult to measure cat’s intelligence by human criteria. The cat is a typical introvert and to be able not only assess cat reactions but even observe those reactions human need to have a strong connection and “true love” with the cat. When people conduct experiments for cat intelligence, they need to use many cats and they do not have true and long connections with them. And, of course, every cat has an individual abilities and talents. Dogs are extroverts.


Human intelligence tests are very messy and uncertain and include:

Abstract thoughts, communications, adaptivity to environment and new situations, creativity, emotional intelligence, knowledge, learning, memory, problem solving, reaction time, reasoning, understanding, visual processing.

Precise and accurate test for measuring cat’s intelligence does not exist. Statistics for cat’s intelligence is not possible. But we can see by observation that cats gather information and use it to make a decisions. Cats communicate naturally with trusted people and became so close, that mystically understand the human language. In communications with each other cats do very interesting things. Once or twice a year we hear loud “Meow” on our street, it sounds like radio. Then area cats rush out of houses to the forest. After about an hour they return back. What they are doing there? What they discuss? We call it neighborhood watch program of local cats. They also visit each other all the time. Mostly it is males. They come and sit near the window. Indoor cats like some cats , and hate others. By observation they like polite, well behaved cat-visitors. The polite visitor always notifies about his appearance by loud “Meow”, he approaches slowly and sit on the deck quietly. Cats are very creative, able to invent new games, tasks. They have¬† life-long memory and see dreams when they sleep.


Sometimes the veil between human and animal intelligence wears very thin — then one experiences the supreme thrill of keeping a cat, or perhaps allowing oneself to be owned by a cat. —

Catherine Manley



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