Cat toys

When I play with my cat, who knows whether I do not make her more sport than she makes me? — Montaigne


The play is very important for cats.

The hunting is limited for domestic cats. They replace it with games. The adult cat is sleeping most of the day. When evening approaches the cat wakes up, starts to run the walls and furniture, jump, vocalize loud and looks like a little crazy.

This behavior is imitation of hunting in the wilderness. The toys help cat to practice and utilize all the movements and instincts that live in cat’s genes.

Any ball is an excellent toy for the cat. Some sources mention that playing with the ball is represent a fishing for cat.

Furry mice is not very good toy for the cat. If a cat likes to chew things the pieces of synthetic coat can be dangerous for the cat’s health. Also the post of this toy is not stable and when the toy is falling down the cat is loosing interest to that game right away

The cork from vine bottle is favorite toy for many cats. It looks like alive in their games. but if you notice the cat is chewing it change this toy to the ping pong ball.

Cats of any age love this toy. Just remember this is the game for two. Do not leave toys with strings unattended with the cat. It can be cause of suffocation.

The scratching  post is not only save the furniture from damage. It is also a gym for the cat. Cats are climbing and jumping. They likes to sleep at the top of scratching post to be able to observe and feel whats happening around. Cats rarely have a true deep sleep.

As Christmas time is approaching it is also time to think about safety of your cat around the Christmas tree. Wires, cotton balls, small or/and fragile items can be harmful for the cat. You could not imaging how many kilometers of tinsel icicles were extracted from cat’s digestive tracts during and after the Christmas season.To remove twisted strands of tinsel doctor needs to cut intestine in few places. This is costly for owner and dangerous surgery for the cat. But if you see the cat is chewing the tinsel and than it is not eating and even drinking of water induces vomiting, do not wait, every second counts, seek immediate attention of veterinarian. The blockade of digestive tract is very serious emergency.