Why cats are eating grass.

Cats are licking their coats and swallowing too much hair. In the cat’s stomach the hair forms a hair balls. The hair balls can block the digestive tract. Symptoms of digestive tract obstruction: depression, loss of appetite, vomiting after drinking or eating. If those symptoms exist immediate help of halloween bounce house veterinarian is required. There are a lot of hair ball remedies but the best is to provide a cat with a fresh lawn grass.

In the summer time, take your cat to outside every day and the cat will eat the grass.

In the winter time you can grow the grass in the pot. With the fresh lawn grass available, the cat will stop to eat house plants. The lawn grass is working as a brush for the cat’s stomach.


The grass will induce vomiting and eliminate hair from the digestive tract. If it happens every day, hair balls would not be formed.


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