Facts about declawing of cats

De-clawing is surgical removal of the cat’s claws. This procedure is not accepted universally and applied usually to patients with specific health implications like trauma of toe, for example. De-clawing is considered by many people as an animal torture. The cat without claws becomes absolutely defenseless and could not perform natural tasks like climbing and hunting. De clawed cat has to stay indoor all the time and walk only with owner on the leash.

If your cat is vigorous scratchier you halloween bounce house have to try to train cat first. Strict “NO” and restriction to you right after scratching episode usually enough for cat to learn that the action is inappropriate.

But in some cases the de-clawing can be indicated as a relief for health problems of owner or family members. For a example, with some diseases people may develop non-healing wounds on their feet and cat’s scratches should be avoided. So, decision about de-clawing of catĀ  should made together by medical doctor, veterinarian and owner. If declaw is necessity in your case, choose an experienced surgeon. This procedure involves a lot of bleeding, pain and inconvenience for the cat. Wounds after surgery must be properly bandaged and monitored.

As alternativeĀ  to declaw owner can apply an artificial nails to the cat’s claws or cut claws very often. claw cutting



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