About Magie

Magie is a special cat.

She is very smart and well behaved.

She understands human language and proves that by her actions.

She has absolute trust to the family where she lives.

She choose the owner by herself when she was a little kitten.

It was a smart choice, her owner is veterinarian and all family likes her very much.

She has a lot of attention and strong contact with family members and she is a member of family too, of course.

She is traveling a lot with the family and it helps her to be in good shape.

This is a big privilege to be friends with Magie, she loves everybody and would like to make the live in the world little bit better.

She decided to open her own blog and share her experiences about cats.

Magie with house sisterMe, 4 months old, and my younger sister Muffy

2013-03-21 02.34.40-1

 Me and Luciano Pavarotti

2013-03-02 13.53.47

 My babies 

2013-03-21 02.51.51-1

There are two brothers (Manx), my relatives

2013-03-30 15.58.57

My neighbour

2013-03-21 02.55.17-1

 My friend, old and very polite, real gentlemen



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