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The cat and raccoon.


Raccon is grey-brown animal with long, furry tail ringed halloween bounce house with black, a sharp, pointed face and as big as a medium sized dog. It is terrestrial, arboreal (climbing trees), aquatic (like bathing and wash food), omnivorous (eat plants and meat) and noctural (prefer night life).
Racoon is very friendly animal and often become friend with cat. The owner have to remember the raccon is wild animal and communication with raccon may carry danger to your cat and you.
The biggest danger is rabies. The rabies is an acute, viral encephalomyelitis that affect all warm- blooded animals and human. In North America, skunk, raccon and fox can transmitt the virus by bite (saliva), rarely, transmission occurs through cuts or wound or even by air.
The rabid raccon is characterized by its loss of fear of man, aggression, loss control of coordination and has an activity during a day, being predominantly a noctural animal
The rabies is almoust 100% fatal disease, if the cat is not vaccinated against it.
Cat has to be vaccinated every 1 or 3 years (according to vaccine manufacturer’s recomendations). If man was bitten by raccon, the case should be reported to doctor immediatly to start immunization and management programs.
If raccon is living under you house, call company to remove it.
The ultrasonic motion sensors might help to keep racoons away from your house and backyard.


My cat is loosing weight. Why?

Feeding sick cat1

There are three major factors responsible for weight halloween bounce house loss in cats. Inadequate food consumption may be due to dietary deficiency of protein, fat or amount of food. Also, the cat may experienced an oropharyngeal disease, regurgitation, vomiting, nausea, anorexia, or psychologic or neurologic symptoms (For example, the stressed cat may starve itself to death). Maldigestion and malabsorption can be be due to deficiency of some enzymes or bile salts, villous atrophy, histoplasmosis, giardiasis, problems with pancrea or liver, chemotherapy. Excessive caloric loss may occur under some physiologic conditions (cold weather, heavy exercise, pregnancy, lactation) and in diseases that increase metabolic rate (fever, infection, neoplasia, congestive heart failure, trauma) or cause nutrient loss from the body (diabetes mellitus, kidney or intestinal disease, vomiting, diarrhea, burns, tumor).

So, when the cat is loosing weight, the first step should be a visit to a veterinarian, to make all tests and to understand what a cause of weight loss.

The prognosis for the cat with weight loss depends on how quickly the underlying cause of the weight loss is identified and managed and how rapidly a positive caloric balance is re-established in the body. Weight loss of 30-50% of body weight is usually fatal for a cat.


I do not want my cat will be fat. Whats to do?

Magie's dry food and water bowls

Only domestic cats have such problem like obesity.

The most common cause of obesity in domestic cats is “too loving owner”. The owner like that try to give to “poor” cat as much tasty food as possible to make it happy. And the cat seems halloween bounce house happy, it sleeps all the time and wake up just to get more food. The healthy cat try to refuse to eat so much and this is sign to “loving owner” to give more tasty food a cat could not refuse. This practice leads to obesity. Gradually a cat is eating more and more, and exercise less and less. All organs in cat’s body are covering by fat, they could not function normally and diseases started to develop. The “loving owner” starts to go to the vets on regular basis, paying huge bills.

Solution to that? TRULY LOVE YOUR CAT!

A cat is perfectly survive on self feeding. Choose a dry food highest in protein content from reputable producer and give your cat a recomended amount of this food. When you cook a meals for your family, give your cat pieces of raw meat, fish or chicken, just few small pieces at once but on regular basis. Your cat will be happy and healthy and live long life.


Why not to feed your cat only by raw meat, fish and chicken? Because commercial diets already contain BALANCED ingredients essencial for cat’s well being. You can add those ingredients to home made diets but it is very difficult to balance it properly. Eccess or deficiency of some elements in cat’s diet can lead to diseases or even death.



Why cats are eating grass.

Cats are licking their coats and swallowing too much hair. In the cat’s stomach the hair forms a hair balls. The hair balls can block the digestive tract. Symptoms of digestive tract obstruction: depression, loss of appetite, vomiting after drinking or eating. If those symptoms exist immediate help of halloween bounce house veterinarian is required. There are a lot of hair ball remedies but the best is to provide a cat with a fresh lawn grass.

In the summer time, take your cat to outside every day and the cat will eat the grass.

In the winter time you can grow the grass in the pot. With the fresh lawn grass available, the cat will stop to eat house plants. The lawn grass is working as a brush for the cat’s stomach.


The grass will induce vomiting and eliminate hair from the digestive tract. If it happens every day, hair balls would not be formed.


Why my cat leaves food outside the bowl?

This bowl is too narrow and cat takes the food outside to eat.


This bowl is perfect: it is wide, not very halloween bounce house deep and not slippery because has rubber band around the base. Also the bowl is made from stainless steel, cats do not like dishes from plastic.


Facts about declawing of cats

De-clawing is surgical removal of the cat’s claws. This procedure is not accepted universally and applied usually to patients with specific health implications like trauma of toe, for example. De-clawing is considered by many people as an animal torture. The cat without claws becomes absolutely defenseless and could not perform natural tasks like climbing and hunting. De clawed cat has to stay indoor all the time and walk only with owner on the leash.

If your cat is vigorous scratchier you halloween bounce house have to try to train cat first. Strict “NO” and restriction to you right after scratching episode usually enough for cat to learn that the action is inappropriate.

But in some cases the de-clawing can be indicated as a relief for health problems of owner or family members. For a example, with some diseases people may develop non-healing wounds on their feet and cat’s scratches should be avoided. So, decision about de-clawing of cat  should made together by medical doctor, veterinarian and owner. If declaw is necessity in your case, choose an experienced surgeon. This procedure involves a lot of bleeding, pain and inconvenience for the cat. Wounds after surgery must be properly bandaged and monitored.

As alternative  to declaw owner can apply an artificial nails to the cat’s claws or cut claws very often. claw cutting